Fall Clean Up Service

Trav’s Lawn Care is proud to offer fall clean up service to home and business owners in the Dassel and Cokato communities. 

Fall is the perfect time to prep your lawn for the following spring! Get rid of unwanted piles of leaves that build up throughout the winter season, creating piles of mess in the spring. 

Contact Trav’s Lawn Care for fall cleanups in Dassel and Cokato.


Dassel & Cokato Fall Clean Up Service

If you’ve got a lawn that loves to collect leaves, talk to us about a fall cleanup to prep your lawn for the following Spring. 

A fall cleanup will help reduce the amount of leaves and build up that naturally occurs on your property over the course of the winter. 

Our fall cleanups run until the snow covers the ground, giving us ample time to remove the vast majority of leaves that fall during the fall. We’ll take care of as many sticks and additional unwanted debris as possible, leaving you a clean slate for the following Spring!

Fall Clean Up Services

  • Leaf blowing
  • Leaf removal
  • Stick, branch, and unwanted debris removal
  • Final lawn mowing and weed trimming
  • Any additional yard work as requested by you, the customer!

Hi, I’m Travis.

I’m the owner of Trav’s Lawncare and I specialize in mowing and maintaining lawns in the Dassel-Cokato area. I’m currently enrolled at DC High School and pursue lawn care full time each and every Spring / Fall / Summer.

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